Our Motel Guests

Our research shows that free independent travellers (FIT) are one of the fastest growing groups in the tourist market. These travellers tend to be over 35, travel in small groups (often as couples), are well educated and have above-average incomes in their home country.

Hotel traveler guestThey want accommodation that provides value for money, central location and high standards. Bella Vista fills these requirements and goes further by offering the traveller more consistency of service and ease of use unrivalled within the New Zealand motel industry.
Domestic business travellers have similar needs to the FITS, but for different reasons. They travel often to predetermined destinations and routinely stay at the same motels. These Hotel traveler guesttravellers want the benefit that familiar surroundings provide those with a busy schedule. Bella Vista Motels are ideally positioned for this market. As the brand develops, greater customer loyalty will be achieved.

New Zealand domestic travellers make up a large part of the market too. This trade is more casual in nature, but the market is growing as more kiwis decide to holiday within New Zealand. Their accommodation choice is usually based on locality, convenience and consistency of service to a high standard, at an affordable price.

Hotel traveler guestBella Vista aims to capture return business from holidaying New Zealanders by meeting their needs and building customer loyalty.

Our guests are:
• Free independent travellers with above average incomes
• Business people regularly working away from home
• Domestic travellers seeing more of New Zealand
Hotel traveler guest