Bella Vista Motel New Zealand


The most successful businesses in the world have instant brand recognition. Bella Vista’s strong branding with uniform building design and advertising optimises success for our motel operators, and convenience for guests.

Bella Vista Motel New ZealandConsistency is the key. Our guests know what to expect – once they have experienced one Bella Vista, they can be assured of the same quality standards of accommodation and service at other Bella Vista Motels.


Bella Vista Motel operators benefit from the savings made as a group – from bulk purchasing of soap and linen through to sharing advertising and promotion costs.

Bella Vista Motel New ZealandBeing part of a large group ensures you get noticed! Bella Vista’s standardised advertising formula in all media, including television, will build instant recognition from our target markets.

We will show you how to run your motel – from using the computer software to customer service – and you will receive ongoing support from being part of a ‘Bella Vista Moteliers’ Council’. This back-up and support is something unique to Bella Vista Motels, and ensures you get off to the best possible start.

Bella Vista Motel New ZealandOne survey showed that 77% of franchisees succeed in their first year, compared with only 33% of small businesses in general*. Bella Vista is similar to a franchise system in the benefits it offers motel operators through branding, ongoing support and the cost benefits of being part of a group – but you are still ‘your own boss’.
Your business will benefit from:
• Instant brand recognition
• Filling a niche in the accommodation market
• Bulk purchase opportunities
• Ongoing support
• Integrated promotion and advertising
• Standardised product design and business systems